Presentation:japan map

Japan is an island located in the pacific Ocean in Asia. The way that "Japan" is write in japanese (Nihon-日本) means "The original place of sun". Its capital city is Tokyo (東京).

Japan is composed of about 6800 islands. But when I'll talk about it, it will reefers to the 4 main islands: Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku. Since traditions and habits can change from one place to an other.

By the way, speaking of traditions, I thinked writing about them could be interesting. Firstly because it permit a simple and quick access for the newbies who wants to learn more about japanese culture and secondly as it can be difficult for us, occidentals, to understand that culture far from ours.

So, on this website you will find informations about:

-The legendary origins of Japan

-An historical period of the country: The Edo era

-Japanese litterary, with some great books to read

-Japanese traditions

-And, finally, some unusual things you can find in Japan. (Because it is true, Japan is also know for its weird inventions)



I hope you will enjoy visiting my website!