The last past years had seens the emergence of a new way of producing : the independant production. This mode of production has changed they way poeple see a game, a song from one's favorite artist or even a fan-film published by someone on a video sharing website ( Youtube or Dailymotion for exemple ). Many independant studios were fonded and use Youtube to share there productions and gain money, like in big producing company but with less money and by using an other way of publication. The main adventage of using this type of production is that most of the money goes to the producer and poeple are interrested into a low price or free ( with some ads ) product.

Three types of products have a lot of succes while producted independently : The music, with a lot of little groups who posts music on internet ( like dj's who sometimes have a lot of succes ). The second is movies, with plenty of fan-films or homemade animations published every days on video-sharing website. The last ( but not the least ) is video game which is the type of independant media that has the more succes.