In this web site I will talk about video games and specialy about the story of it. Video games have never stop to progress in quality and graphics.Mario is one of the famoust exemple .

Mario evolution

As you can this the character of Mario was created in 1981 he was a little character who are made by big pixel .And you can see that in 10 years he became more visible and more "real".This character never stop to progress in his quality and graphics .

So Mario is one of the famoust exemple because his arrived in the video games gold age and be present during 30 years, he travel the decate, he is a real symbole of the progress of video games.


But I'm not just talking about the upgrade of graphics, i will talk about the different generation of video games, the different type of them .And the battle between the creater of consoles. All of this web site will talk about the video games between the begining in 1950's to the the present so in 2010's