This website will deal with the French Polar Expeditions, an organization founded by Paul-Emile VICTOR in 1947, to oversee French scientists missions.

As a matter of facts, he led more than 3,000 international scientists, to discover the South Pole, analyze glaciology and biology, and work on how Eskimos survived in the frozen tundra.

Jean-Charles HEUBERGER, a grandfather and a polar explorer (private collection)

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My grandfather, Jean-Charles HEUBERGER attended most of the expeditions in Greenland, and contributed to these scientific investigations, as a glaciology specialist.

When he came back in France, he co-published a book with a friend, developed the films he took during the expeditions, and shared his remembrances with his kinsfolk. He finally died of a cancer in 1996, but left his own mark in the world.



His book, "Glaciologie au Groenland" (private collection)

His watch, marked with the polar expeditipons logo (private collection)