The five events
that built the year 2012

This website, it’s the international story of the year 2012. In fact, I want to speak and write about the five events - all around the world - that built the 12th year of the 3rd millennium in my opinion. If I did this, it’s because I want to become a... reporter. It’s my dream. I every day follow the international news, the elections, the conflicts, on TV, on radio, on Twitter. And if I want to explain that to others, it’s because I agree, it can be quite difficult, today, to understand everything.

I think that at the age of 14 or 16, lots of girls, lots of boys, don’t feel concerned or don’t understand the news. This website, it’s another meaningful and attractive way to go overseas and to discover - in English, of course! - these events that you might have watched on TF1 or heard on NRJ. Each event and each page of the website contain at least one press’ cover or one press’ picture from the AFP, The New York Times or The Guardian, for example, but maybe also videos from CNN or BBC News.

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