The Restos du Coeur ? What is that ?

DistributionThe Restos du Coeurs was founded by Michel Colucci, aka Coluche, in 1985, in order to help starving homeless people. Its first goal was to feed those people, but now, they also help them finding a job, clothes, or a place to sleep at. Fun fact to know : At first, Coluche thought that hunger would have disappeared a few years after its initiate. But, the truth is that, even after 28 years, hunger and poor people still exist, as the Restos du Coeurs does.

Some facts to know :

  • Today, this organization devotes around 60 % of his budget distributing food and 15 % helping poor people finding a job.
  • 40 % of its money comes from donating and around 25 % from The Enfoiré’s shows.
  • From 2008 to 2009 they received 800 000 homeless and distributed 100 millions lunches.
  • Nowadays, a similar organization called Restaurants des Herzens grows up in Germany.